Professional Guard Services

Professionalism is a measurable quality to First Contact.

The provision of Ministry of Justice certified security personnel is a legal requirement, not a minimum standard. Trained staff should be a health and safety issue, not a sales gimmick.

First Contact is proud to be the only security company in New Zealand that;

  1. Sets Level 3, National Certificate in Security as a minimum training requirement, and

  2. Delivers all training in-house utilising NZQA qualified instructors, and

  3. Is authorised to deliver the government mandated unit standards to obtain a full Certificate of Approval (CoA).

We train our staff.

A measurable fact, not an insipid platitude.


Static Guards

Access control, site security, managing Protective Security Requirements (PSR), First Contact has an extensive track record of providing services to Government, Local Government, and business for over 17 years.

Focused on clear identification of requirements, minimum deployment requirements, and delivery of tailored shift briefings, we maintain effective staff and support resources to meet forecast and unforeseen requirements with suitably qualified personnel.

Construction & Industrial

First Contact’s staff not only undergo extensive NZQA based health and safety training, but receive comprehensive briefing information about their deployment including Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) requirements, hazards, and site requirements.

This information is a combination of industry best practice and client developed instructions.

Our purpose developed software guarantees only correctly authorised staff are deployed, and any changes to briefing information are communicated immediately and require the staff members confirmation they have seen it.

Alarm Response & Staff Support

First Contact operates a patrol system that allows for Alarm Responses to be completed without impacting too heavily on the patrol route.

This allows for a quicker response time without placing the security officer under additional pressure to complete their patrol run.

Our staff are not only excellent patrol officers, but are trained and have the confidence to provide additional support to your staff with welfare checks and escort to vehicle.


Concierge Services

Delivery of effective Concierge services can become blurred by the need to provide excellent customer services while ensuring the security aspect of the role is consistently meet.

First Contact prides itself on deploying security officers who are friendly, approachable, and extensively trained on how to do both without issue.

Security is very important, however your clients first contact with your business must reflect your standards every time.

Mobile Patrol

Real time information allows our clients to stay informed about what is happening at their site after hours.

All of First Contact’s mobile patrol units are GPS tracked providing accurate information of the vehicles whereabouts and confirmation of on site attendance.

Our security officers use the latest in guard tour reporting systems that not only use GPS to ensure they are on-site, but allow our clients to view their patrol in real time.

Incident reports (including images) are provided directly to the clients e-mail address as soon as they are submitted.


One of our core values is accountability to our clients.

We achieve this by making critical information available to be reviewed instantly.

This includes GPS tracking data, briefing information, staff training records, and comprehensive reporting.