What is important to you?

First Contact delivers a track record you can rely on.

Fully licensed with the Ministry of Justice, extensive experience, comprehensive training, recognition, and the latest technology. Everything that makes the layers of service we provide that much more effective.


17+ years Experience

Since 2002, First Contact has delivered a consistently reliable level of services to a wide range of clients, including;

- Government departments

- Local government

- Embassies and diplomats

- Local business

- International clients

- Licensed Premiseses

- Even coordinators


First Contact is a full member of the New Zealand Security Association.


NZQA qualifications and in-house assessors, everything staff need to succeed.


GPS controlled guard tour system provides real time tracking and and incident reporting.

Ministry of Justice

First Contact is licensed with the Ministry of Justice (license #11-023116) to provide;

- Property Guards

- Personal Guards

- Crowd Controllers

- Private Investigators

- Repossession Agents

- Security Consultancy

- Security Technicians

The Skills Organisation

A relationship that spans over 15 years.


GPS controlled tracking of our mobile patrol vehicles allows for transparency with performance.


Award winning staff compliance and deployment software developed by First Contact


Award Winning Style

We are very proud of the range of awards we have received for training, staff achievement, and product development.

It reflects an uncompromising commitment to the personal and professional development of every person we have engaged since we started in 2002.

To First Contact, a comprehensive education is not a privilege reserved for senior staff or used only to meet contractual requirements. It is an essential skill for staff working in an industry that can expose them to critical situations without warning.

Educated staff are safer, more competent, and are able to apply a greater range of skills to manage a situation.

They also instill a higher level of confidence in our clients who notice the difference in competency.

For a family owned business, First Contact sets a standard much larger companies could only dream of.