How do we deliver consistency?

“It takes layers”

As a security provider, we provide a range of layers that should compliment your security protocols, and offer suggestions where improvements could be made.

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Engaging the correct security provider is critical to the success of your requirements.

Never a guarantee

No-one can guarantee 100% performance, however we believe with proper prior preparation, we can mitigate the chances of things going wrong.

After 17 years in business, you can rely on the fact First Contact;

  • Is licensed with the Ministry of Justice

  • Holds comprehensive insured

  • Knows what they are doing

  • Provides trained and qualified team leaders

  • Trains and provides ‘fit for purpose’ security officers

  • Only provides licensed security officers

  • Ensures every security officer is actively participating in NZQA and purpose developed training

  • Provides every staff member with a comprehensive tailored briefing for their role

  • Provides our clients with independently verifiable tracking and real time reporting


First Contact developed its own compliance tracking software (JustRoster) that ensures only the correct personnel are deployed to a site every time.


Effective briefings must contain critical information about the job including what needs to be done, key contacts, what uniform and equipment is required, and relevant health, safety, and welfare information.

JustRoster allows us to provide a tailored briefing that includes all the information our clients need our staff to know, as well as core information from our perspective.


With 3 months warning of any expiring certifications, we ensure our staff are always fully compliant with the requirements for the role, providing our client with the peace of mind that their health and safety requirements are being met.

JustRoster also prevents deployment of staff who no longer fit the criteria for working at a site.

The system practically eliminates human error from the equation.