Case studies



March 15th 2019

New Zealand’s darkest day.

The actions of one demented individual made New Zealand take a close look at itself and forever changed how we and the rest of world viewed our country.

New security procedures were implemented, events altered, and sometimes cancelled.

meeting demands

Government departments required a massive increase in security staffing, and at the same time, upgraded security procedures.

First Contact met this increased demand from day one and has maintained it without fault since. Even under this level of increased demand, we were still able to cover our existing requirements and assist businesses who needed it.

Monday, 18th March 2019, First Contact deployed and additional 17 full time certified security officers in Wellington, all with site specific briefings, uniform, equipment, and covered breaks and welfare requirements. We also ensure the deployment of 12 officers in 6 other cities who met the exact same requirements.

All briefing information was provided by our clients tailored to each specific site, we added our operating procedures, and provided this information to every security officer across New Zealand.

While the country came to terms with such a heinous act, we are proud to have been able to provide the peace of mind to our clients that the safety of their staff and security requirements were consistently being met.